August 20, 2015

It’s been another pretty big fortnight or so.

For a musician, I spend an inordinate amount of time in front of my PC just running “the business”. THAT part of my life is frustrating in the extreme – it’s hard to be creatively productive when you’re tied to function logistics, sending invoices, or (worst yet) dealing with numbers for the Tax Dept.

BUT: Last week I got to work with the wonderful Scott and Narell for the Flooring Xtra Annual Conference, this year held up in Cairns (is there a more Australian-sounding place name?) I did a couple of gigs in two different venues up there, and it’s the second year in a row I’ve worked for the company. Mark Langtree (Cairns AV Hire) was the PA guy; lovely fella, who couldn’t quite believe that I would pack down the PA at the end of the second function and bring it back to where I was staying in order to save him the hour-long round trip to Palm Cove to pick it up.

I got a little bit of downtime on my second day up there, and drove up to Copperlode Dam (now why would I make that up?):

The long and winding road
DSC_0141 150

Lake Morris
DSC_0148 150

The walking trail up to the waterfall
DSC_0157 150

DSC_0166 150

And then I had lunch with a couple of friends who happened to be holidaying at the same time. And I got sunburned! It had been so long since I’d felt real sun, I’d clearly forgotten what it was. I had a hot shower back in Melbourne the next day and thought something terrible had happened to me.

Speaking of being back in Melbourne, the new Draculas show is about to kick into gear. My part of it anyway, the music creation. The first song list has been sent, and it’s looking to be a wee ripper. I love this time of year.

The Wow City Movement Friday night gig at Bridie O’Reilly’s Brunswick has now settled in, and the numbers are good. One Hit Wonders all night, how can one go wrong?!

And on Sunday 23rd after my solo spot at the Doutta Galla Hotel in Flemington, I’m playing for the first time in a long while with the Ráv Thomas Band, supporting Russell “The Real Thing” Morris. I once jammed with Russell in a guitar shop for about fifteen minutes – what a gentleman he is.

August, huh?!
This is when I need to stop saying, “God, I’ve done NOTHING this year!” I’ve actually done a lot. Haven’t I…?

Keep well, chat soon.

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