August 4, 2015

Well, HELLO!

I can scarcely believe we’ve already hit August! And whilst the temptation is great to start listing what’s gone on since I last posted here far too long ago, I fear that it would really take too long and in addition, force the question to be posed: “What’s the point?”
So, instead, let’s look to the future.

The continuing Friday residency for my “other” band project “THE WOW CITY MOVEMENT” at Bridies Brunswick is going from strength to strength, which is at once necessary, gratifying and positive. Also, sharing a stage with my mates Nicko Sinclair and Ráv Thomas, not to mention my new FF J’aime Holland is (to alliterate) just joyous, so hooray for that!

I’ll just, for the sake of the exercise, list the regulars:
Every second Wednesday TWO RING CIRCUS (which is Dom Italiano and me) play at Jackpot @ Crown. It’s a funny old gig, but – depending on who comes in to do the sound for us – can be a load of loud humpday fun.
Thursdays I’m still solo-ing away at the Elephant & Wheelbarrow in the city. The reason this gig continues to work (four years now, I believe) is that it’s not really a solo gig at all… it’s a duo gig with me as the onstage component and the audience as the other member of the doublet.
Fridays I do an early solo spot (7.30-9.30pm) at The Village Belle in St Kilda; it’s a little mellow, as it’s a dinner spot, but has the potential to fire up depending on how crazy the locals feel like getting). Up until the aforementioned Friday gig, I used to play the late spot with Sammy V. It was a shame to leave that one, but WOW CITY is a part of building something more, so my hand was forced.
Saturdays, G-FORCE is at the Elephant & Wheelbarrow in the city. Super fun to play with Rhys, Steve and Shan, some of the most talented kids I know. What’s that? A request for a song we’ve never played together? Sure, we’ll give it a crack!
And then occasionally that selfsame band puts on some spandex, drags in the delightful J’aime, and does an 80s gig. lol much?
Sundays, the solo spot @ the Doutta Galla in Flemington is picking up steam; 4.30-7.30pm if you’d like to pop in.
And then to round things out, I’m @ the Elephant in St Kilda (8.30pm) with my old buddy Paul Shirley, the word fun made flesh and blood.

The booking agency I help look after (SPACE BETWEEN NOTES) is ticking along, but certainly needs more of my attention. The workload does occasionally get a little much, and when you’re self-employed, each addition unexpected thing that crops up is inevitably something that has to be dealt with immediately, be it a quote or a phone call or just a little fire-prevention. We all serve somebody.

Something past – despite my opening gambit – but is recent past, so now doesn’t count, by my estimation. This pic I posted on FB… it might have received more attention than anything else I’ve ever stuck up in that forum. I’m going to give it another outing here, because I love it:

Something future:
I play in the Ráv Thomas band, one of the most successful original bands you’ve never heard of. We’ll be proudly supporting the legendary Russell Morris on Sunday August 23 at Bridies Brunswick. Click on THIS for tix.

More future:
Initial meeting has been set up with the producer of Draculas for the new Melbourne show… Lord, how is it that time already?
Brilliant though – putting the music together for these shows is right up amongst my favourite things to do.

I’ve got a little bit of interstate and o/s coming up soon, lucky me, so I’ll be sure to post pics.

Until soon, keep safe and well.

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