August 7th, 2017

Hello and welcome back, to Avid Followers and Casual Voyeurs alike.

Here’s what’s been going on…

The TWO RING CIRCUS Duo is now also the TWO RING CIRCUS Podcast! Dom and I are getting together once a week (separate to our gigging lives) to discuss the world, each other, pop culture, and – hopefully – to delight and entertain a world-wide audience in podcast form. It’s been fun so far – at time of writing we’re seven episodes in.

I’ve had a few trips away – New Year’s Eve (and two weeks hence) found me gigging in Tropical Far North Queensland. It’s always a party time up there – I’ll be back again in November for Airlie Festival with the Ráv Thomas Band.

Airlie Beach

Hydeaway Bay

I’ve had a bunch of interstate weddings and corporate events too – it’s been a really fun year so far. I performed for a joint husband and wife birthday party on a multi-million dollar yacht cruising Sydney Harbour too. What a great day and night it was!

Sydney Harbour birthday cruise

I’ve even had some holidays – I was in Borneo for a few days of jungle-trekking, oran-utan watching, infinity pool chilling, sun bear viewing, rooftop bar hanging and sun-seeking – ’twas an amazing and eye-opening experience.


Floating village

Floating village

My best side

To infinity and beyond

To infinity and beyond... again!

Eye opening too was a quick trip to Canberra – I’ve not been since I was still in primary school in Sydney – the Australian War Memorial and the National Gallery are Must Sees!

Australian War Memorial, Canberra

Australian War Memorial, Canberra

Oh, and Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour – my third or fourth time, such a fantastic thing to do. I’m not necessarily an opera fan per se, but the operas performed in this forum are very “easy”, and the whole set-up of this iconic event is so worth experiencing. Plus of course, there’s semi-regular trips to see family in South Australia and Tasmania – being an only child means that I do a fair bit of gallivanting about the place; these are things that need to be done.

Certainly (gratefully) the gigs are still chugging along at home here in Melbourne too. Most weeks I’ll do at least six, and often eight, nine or even ten gigs. I have pulled back a little – doctors orders. Basically, earlier this year I had a Sam Smith/Adele-style bleed on one of my vocal folds. This necessitated my having throat-specialist prescribed TOTAL VOCAL REST. Not a sound did I utter for the best part of nine days. The hope was that this rest would then mean no surgery, no development of any nodules/polyps/other nasties. It’s no surprise really that this happened to me – the speech pathologist explained to me, the trauma was created simply by overwork, singing when sick, and perhaps just a little bad luck. If I do a double gig day, that’s likely fifty or sixty songs I’ll sing. Certainly it’s why I don’t book myself triple gig days any more. But I’m all good, never fear! HERE is an article that talks more about it all, if you’re at all interested.

My booking agency SPACE BETWEEN NOTES is forging ahead well. We’ve got some excellent acts on the books, and we’re currently expanding to cater to corporate event clients – we’re now including aerial performers, magicians and MCs in our roster. Very exciting stuff.

AND I’m still the Musical Producer at DRACULAS Theatre Restaurant – a month or so ago I finished the new Queensland show “TERRORBYTE”. If you’ve not been, to either the Queensland venue or the one here in Melbourne, I highly recommend you do so. It’s a super fun time. Plus I also once again worked with Harvest Rain Theatre Company, this time on their production of the Arena Spectacular version of GREASE. Fingers crossed it comes to Melbourne.

For now, cheers, and good health to you.

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