July 18th, 2018

Hello Folks,

The week that was, the week to come…

Pre-production meeting last Wednesday for the new DRACULAS show in Queensland, opening at the end of September. Good Stuff!
I’ll be Head down, Bum Up in August, by the looks.

I  had a pretty great week o’ gigs, with some lovely feedback from one of the new venues at which I played. (Point Leo Estate in Merricks – amazing, we should defs all go sometime.)

An excellent Sunday night at the Doutta Galla. Many friends. Ute had a mini-sleepover. ‘Nuff said.

Monday was Cat-Day. We were back to the vet for post-radioiodine check-up. ALL GOOD! HOORAY!!!

I DID drive to the wrong surgery to begin with. Not v clever. Scritchie is not overly fond of the car, and my error caused her to have to spend almost an extra hour in it. Plus then my thoughtfully Cat-Friend procured coffee-on-arrival was luke warm. BOO!I had a night at home on Monday. Like, a whole night at home.

I watched a movie. At Home! Almost unheard of.Tuesday I spent  the best part of thirteen hours in front of my PC, trying to catch up on all that I’ve allowed to slip for the past week or so. Bed at midnight. Almost unheard of.

This is Wednesday – gdaughts to train, haircut, solo breakfast (discovered that my favourite local vego place (The Dharma Hub) has vanished, boo!), phone calls, now PC-ing again.
Such the rock star, pfft!

OH HEY – we (TWO RING CIRCUS, that is) are organising a Murder Mystery Night. HMU for deets.

Gonna be a hoot!
solo, Elephant & Wheelbarrow (Bourke st, Melbourne), 9.30pm-12.30am
solo, Croydon Hotel, 6-10pm (Thanks, Simon!)
Two Ring Circus, Anglers Tavern MARIBYRNONG, 3-6pm
solo, The Royal Hotel MORNINGTON, 8.30-11.00pm (Thanks, Simon!!)
solo, Doutta Galla Hotel FLEMINGTON, 4-7pm

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