March 11, 2015

Well, it’s clearly too late for New Year’s Resolutions. But I really should have made one at least… to have left a blog update till the third month of the year is fairly shameful.
But I HAVE been busy.

I rang in 2015 with Ráv Thomas and Nicko Sinclair up in beautiful tropical Far North Queensland. Yup, a three-piece. Yup, I’m the bass guitarist. Oh man, it’s a fun instrument to play live; I can make the damn room shake; wicked! After two weeks up there, I spent a couple of (suitably tanned) days back in Adelaide with my folks – my Dad’s birthday party – and then Lo, I was back in Melbourne, and up to my ears in doing tracks for the new band project. Stay tuned for more info on that…

I perform a fair few gigs as it is of course, but I’ve had a couple of particularly crazy days in last couple of months… when you’re singing 80 or 90 songs in a day over the course of three gigs, well, one begins to question whether or not one should really say Yes without pausing for thought. Getting by tho’. Minimal sleep. Sustainable…?

Oh, you should check out these photos that I received yesterday from the G-FORCE gig @ Crown last weekend.

Photography by Andez is his website; go czech it out. Anyone who can make us idiots look good is clearly an artist.

I’ll keep this brief for now, but I really had to get something up here. The veritable sword of Damocles, it’s been.

The KISS Army Australia is playing host to a KISS Convention on the last weekend of March. Dressed To Chill ( will be performing on the Saturday. More exciting news to come; again, watch this space.
A new band called “the Eighties Strikes Back”.
Another new band called “The Wow City Movement”.
I’ll get back to you about the wheres and whens (and whos and whats), but suffice to say it’s pretty cool that I get to do all this different stuff. Grateful as, I am.

The weekly gigs roll on:
Thursdays, solo @ the Elephant & Wheelbarrow in the CBD
Fridays, with the way-talented Sammy Vandenberg @ the Village Belle Hotel in St Kilda
Saturday afternoons, solo @ BLU Restaurant in Patterson Lakes
Saturday nights, with G-FORCE @ the Elephant & Wheelbarrow in the CBD
Sundays afternoons, I’ve been floating, but the big news is that on March 29, I’ll be starting a new residency gig at The Doutta Galla in Flemington; it’s an ultra school-night-friendly 4.30-7.30 timeslot; huzzah!
Sunday nights, I’m with my esteemed friend Paul Shirley @ the Elephant & Wheelbarrow in St Kilda.

Till the not-too-distant future…

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