March 27, 2015

It’s gonna be a big weekend!

First of all, I’m off to see my first (as in ‘live’) Cirque Du Soleil show today!

Tonight I’ve got my regular Friday with über-talent SammyV @ the Village Belle Hotel in St Kilda from 10.30pm.

And then: the 2015 KISS convention is in town.
At the Seaford Hotel​ this Saturday and Sunday from 10am. Unfortunately because of a multitude of other commitments, I’m not going to be able to hang around for the whole of each session – but you definitely should, and report back to me please and thank you.

An 11am set on Saturday, Dressed to Chill​ – Australia’s only acoustic Tribute to KISS.
That’s me with Rhys Lett​ and Rav Thomas​.
(And oooh, but that’s early to sing KISS songs acoustically.)

Later that day, and again on Sunday, I’ll be performing with the man of the hour, Bruce Kulick​. Now, anyone who knows me is well aware that I’ve been a life-long KISS fan… so this is, well… quite exciting really.
There’ve been thwarted attempts to have this happen on a couple of previous occasions, so I’m very happy to get to finally share a stage with Bruce (and my mate Paul Drennan​ for the first time in many years) this weekend.

I hope to see you there.

Saturday night, after the BK set (and with a wedding in-between) the regular band spot @ the Elephant & Wheelbarrow in the city, of course. G-FORCE live on stage @ 11pm.

On Sunday, straight after my set with BK, I head off to 4.30pm start @ the Doutta Galla for the first gig of my new Sunday residency. Should be a blast!

And to round out the weekend, the regular Sunday night with P Shizzle @ the Elephant & Wheelbarrow in St Kilda, 8.30pm

I’ll let you know how it all goes.


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