May 1, 2014

Hello all!
It’s a Thursday, which means my working week is about to begin. Well, the live gigging part of it anyway.

Because in other news, I’ve just received the first batch of songs for the new (Gold Coast) Draculas show. You may or may not know that I’ve been their Music Producer for… eleven years… WOW, I just went back thru my files to find that number. Exciting tho’, I love this part of the new show taking shape.

I’ve started the Matt Bradshaw & G-FORCE website re-vamp, good on me.
And as well, I have a new project in the works; quite excited about this one. All I need to do now is find a suitable venue in which we can play.

It’s been a busy time since I arrived home from Tasmania – due in large part to the added work of having real honest-to-goodness live bands back at Crown (the first time since we finished our Saturday residency @ Steakout – remember those days?) Groove Bar on Level One is a great space, and over the course of the next couple of months, I’m going to try to steer the music brief around to my way of thinking.

I’m part of the management team in a booking agency too, did you know…? That’s all going well too particularly considering it’s a side-project – we had a dozen spots in Crown last month. The point of difference is predominantly that I’m a working muso; Space Between Notes a boutique agency that is able to genuinely book fit-for-purpose musos into venues, and talk with venue owners and outlet managers about what is reasonable and achievable. It’s good to feel like you’re a (good) part of “the machine’.

I’m taking a break next week for a week. So if you think you’re going to miss me from the 10th, you’d best pop into one or some or all of these:
Thursday 1st, solo @ Elephant & Wheelbarrow CBD, 9.30pm
Friday 2nd, solo @ Elephant & Wheelbarrow CBD, 5.30pm
Friday 2nd, w/ The FAT for our final night @ The Manhattan Hotel in Ringwood, 11.00pm
Saturday 3rd, solo @ Blu Restaurant in Patterson Lakes, 2.30pm
Saturday 3rd, w/ G-FORCE @ the Elephant & Wheelbarrow CBD, 11.00pm
Sunday 4th, solo @ Davey’s in Frankston, 3.00pm
Sunday 4th, with Steve Simmons @ The Elephant & Wheelbarrow St Kilda, 8.30pm
Thursday 8th, solo @ Elephant & Wheelbarrow CBD, 9.30pm
Friday 9th, solo @ Elephant & Wheelbarrow CBD, 5.30pm

My regular gigs will be covered while I’m away; David Jones and Ziggy English more than adequately filling the holes.

Hope to see you soon.

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