November 26th, 2017

It’s been another busy few weeks since I last logged in. Let me give you a nutshell snapshot, if that indeed is a thing…

My god-daughter just finished high school!
I feel very fortunate to have been able to play guitar for her for part of her EoY music prac exam. She’s a star both in the making, and already.
Now, to driving practise!

Spring Racing season has been and gone in Melbourne, and although due to my stance on horse racing (and animals as entertainment in general) I no longer do “racing gigs” per se, there’s still a massive number of people looking to have a good time around the place, resulting in my doing some insane number of gigs since the start of the month. Total count to the end of November will be just a shade under 40.
Included in that number was the annual trip to Far North Queensland for the Airlie Beach Festival of Music with my mates in the Ráv Thomas Band. We had a brilliant time up there – great gigs and a truly humbling response from more than 2000 people on the main stage in the tent.

My booking agency SPACE BETWEEN NOTES is really beginning to kick along – we’ve just been brought onboard to resurrect live music at The Glenferrie Hotel; Fridays and Saturdays, plus (hopefully) and new Sunday Session in time for Summer.
We’ve got some great new artists on the books too, exciting times ahead. 🙂

I cannot wait. I actually had to work more during the days in QLD than I ever have on previous trips, so I’m not quite as tanned as I’d’ve hoped. In many (skin cancer) ways, that’s probably a good thing anyway.
But I’ve been out on the bike a bit – bloody marvellous! #LuxuryItem

I’m fearful it might be time for a new PC – my 2011 iMac is beginning to crash indiscriminately, which is tedious at best, frustrating in the next, and time/work-wasting at worst. No matter how often I save a Logic song file, something goes missing when everything stops. ARRRGH!

The TWO RING CIRCUS PODCAST is kicking along very nicely! We’re 20+ eps in, and although it’s sometimes VERY difficult to find the time to record this weekly show, it’s always rewarding to hang w my best mate and talk about everything and nothing. 
Czech it out the latest PODcast and VODcast. (just click on those words for the link. :-))
TRC Pod-carst – Episode 023 – ‘Car-versation 2 – On Location – Melbourne Airport-ish’
Wherein WE-ARE-IN Dom’s car, we expose ourselves – where we are and why.
We discuss Matt’s travel woes – Tiger terrible-ness, precedents, (Dom implies Matt can’t keep to the story – WRONG), a guy looks at Matt’s car (parked perfectly), Jetstar delays causing angst, some stories about Jetstar Baggage Services, flight mode lightly touched upon.
Also, parking fines aren’t fair (Matt tells a story about it), Dom gets schooled on taglines and interjections, brief feedback on our podcast (whatever), fat & orange, a Stephen King-related bit, Dom of the D’Uber-villes.
And: we go mobile, Dom gets schooled on taglines and interjections (2), cow pun, Matt perform a weird public service (not as sexy as it sounds), Popeye, back-handed compliments, Dom’s post-Airlie anecdote (he argues with drunk people), Matt doesn’t know what movies are (again).
Plus: VicRoads license points-system (flawed), “irregardless” (OUTRAGED), we go mobile again, more of Matt’s luggage story, Dom left his bike in Budapest and couldn’t get any money, the oddness of Australian street signs, Sia’s Christmas album, Dom’s prose-etry, Matt can’t tell a police story, Matt could probably be more productive than he is, An Interesting Point is made (58:57), our different songwriting styles.

G-FORCE was part of a pretty special event this month too – I’m Just A Man is a fund-/awareness-raising campaign based here in Melbourne.
The I’m Just A Man | Men’s Mental Health Awareness Gala Dinner gathering was held on the night of Michael Hutchence’s 20 year anniversary since his passing and the boyz and I performed a whole bunch of INXS songs. All proceeds from the night are to be donated evenly between Beyond Blue and Movember. I met some amazing speakers, and I’m sure we’ll be doing more with these people as the months unfold. Pretty amazing stuff. Individuals can make a difference.

I have to go to work now.
Till next time!

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