October 27, 2014


It’s Spring Racing Carnival time!
For those of you who are (blissfully?) unaware, here in Melbourne, this is the highlight of the thoroughbred horse racing year – the carnival period as such runs for more than fifty days in total, and the pinnacle is “the race that stops a nation”, the two mile long  Melbourne Cup.

For professional musos, it means a nutso gig schedule.
Here’s where I’ll be if you’re wondering at all…

October 30: the Elephant & Wheelbarrow Bourke St, CBD
October 31: the Doulton Bar, St Kilda
November 1 day: Flemington Racecourse
November 1 night: the Elephant & Wheelbarrow Bourke St, CBD
November 2 day: Steeples in Mornington
November 2 night: the Elephant & Wheelbarrow, St Kilda
November 3: the Elephant & Wheelbarrow Bourke St, CBD
November 4 day: Bridie O’Reilly’s, Brunswick
November 4 night: the Elephant & Wheelbarrow Bourke St, CBD
November 5: Bridie O’Reilly’s, Chapel St
November 6: the Elephant & Wheelbarrow Bourke St, CBD
November 7:  the Doulton Bar, St Kilda
November 8: me at wedding in Wagga; G-FORCE @ the Elephant
November 9: the Elephant & Wheelbarrow, St Kilda

Then two days off.
Then two days for McDonalds Children’s Charity on the Gold Coast with Paul Shirley, which will all kinds of fun.

Draculas Retro Vampt opens on Wednesday the 29th – if you’re one of those people who says to me, “What’s it like, I’ve never been.”, you really owe it to yourself to give a it a whirl and this season is going to be a great ‘un.
“Retro Vampt takes you on a tripnotic journey of psychedelic variety acts, wide flares, big hair and fangs!
It’s a fast-paced, wild ride, presented in three separate acts and punctuated with acrobatic dance, mime, puppetry and mind-bending staging, all set to a funky 70’s song list. Retro Vampt features a multi-talented cast, live music and Dracula’s signature razor edge comedy and love for bizarre art house madness. It’s sexy, it’s hairy and it’s set to expand your mind, groove your soul and chill your spine with cool vibes, belly laughs and way too much technicoloured polyester.
Dracula’s is not suitable for persons under 15 years. You will experience: loud live music, partial nudity and sensual costumes, unrestrained comedy, wild staff and supernatural themes.
Be prepared for a full-on, mind blowing, unforgettable sensory experience!”

See you on the other side,

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