September 30, 2014

It’s almost unbelievable to me that another month has gone by without my posting here. Life is really REALLY full.

I had a couple of days back in SA this month to visit my folks, that was grand. And I briefly caught up with my mate Bryan, who has long been one of the most interesting people in my life.

I’m now in the thick of doing music production for the new Draculas Show here in Melbourne – some really fun acts coming in. I love New Show time. I’ve learned so much of my studio craft from being involved with “Drax” for the last… eleven years(!)

Then at the start of October, I’m off to Japan for a few days. First time. I’ve suggested to my travel buddy Jade that we at least try to get into the audience for the taping of a Japanese gameshow. She’s not keen.

The day-to-day stuff rolls on, in amongst my currently intensive Drax-centric existence.
For me as a professional muso that means: recording vocal parts on the new Dressed To Chill album, learning songs for the cover gigs, organising contracts and booking sheets for the fast-upcoming EoY functions and putting together a new band. More on this later.

Best always,

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