UPDATE – September/October 2021

Well, the one subject upon which I’m sure I dont have to elucidate, is that of our current shared experience of this pesky global pandemic.
So why don’t we simply leave that aside, and focus on things that are far more uplifting and positive.

I’ve been continuing down the path of live-streaming gigs from my home.
During the 2020 lockdown here in Melbourne I did (at least) three live-stream gigs a week. Literally, from the first Thursday after our Prime Minister announced “it’s all over”, I was up and running. And it was a rusty and shambolic affair, make no mistake. (It, as well as every subsequent live-stream I’ve performed, is on my YouTube page, if you’d like to see “how far we’ve come”).
The unfaltering support I’ve had has been nothing short of miraculous, and every imaginable bit of humbling.

New releases
Excitingly, one huge benefit – or at the very least, the silver lining – of not having to (or being able to) leave the house six days a week for live gigs, is that I’ve dropped six (soon to be seven) new songs onto an unsuspecting grey earth.
This has been due in no small part (*see “unfaltering support”) to the valiant Patreon subscribers I’ve amassed along the journey. (If you’d like to become one of that select group of individuals, who enjoys- and sees value in- the music I’m creating, you can pop along here: https://www.patreon.com/MattBradshaw. There’s no tiers, it’s a Pay What You’d Like arrangement, that gets you early access, bonus content, and behind the scenes insights.

In October 2020, I released Princess of Pleasure, which is getting on for 2000 streams on the ol’ Spotify. Since then, there’s been City Lights, Don’t Leave Me, She’s Just Like You, Brand New Day, Synesthesia, and in a neat (almost) 12 month anniversary, The One drops on the 1st of October 2021.
Artwork a-gogo!

1st solo single, October 2020

I have plans to come for an EP and an album – in addition to regular single releases – time, time, time.
Stream me by clicking here>>> Spotify or buy me by clicking here>>> iTunes.
Or just type my name into things, I’ll likely be there, shameless hussy that I am.

Anything more to add…?
In other exciting news, I’ve very recently teamed up with a musician/marketing fella and his team, and together we’re working on a new project that we hope is going to make some real differences to the way people and venues can access and book live entertainment.

For now, be safe, keep well.

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