Matt has a home studio "Ramforce Productions" which takes up a lot of his time when he's not performing live.

He has engineered countless demos for emerging artists, as well producing music and for people like Ricki-Lee, Matt Chadwick (Australian Idol Season 1), Dan O'Connor (Australian Idol Season 3), John Foreman, Maria Mercedes, Dom Italiano and Ráv Thomas.

He is also involved in that most ephemeral of music production practices, "mastering". Matt has overseen this process in a number of CD releases, including insidezero's Tumble Down single.

He is responsible for the theme song for the 2014 kids' cartoon series "Get Ace"

Matt has been the musical director/producer for the Dracula's Theatre Restaurant chain for some years now.

Matt also wrote, performed and produced the score for Tropfest finalist "ROCKSTAR"

Matt is also the voice of football - radio's highest rating AFL coverage, hear Matt singing "Something About Our Game" on 3AW.